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Welcome to GEPF

GEPF Retirement Benefits Fund was established by Act of Parliament No. 8 of 2013 to replace the Act No. 51 (R.E 2002) of the former Government Employees Provident Fund. GEPF operates both Compulsory and Voluntary Scheme to cover the wide range of members from formal to informal employment. (New Act can be found in Funds documents).

Formally under Act No. 51 (R.E 2002), GEPF covered only government employees working under contractual terms and those who are not eligible for pensions under existing laws.


Our Mission
To provide quality social security benefits and customer oriented services to members.


Our Vision
To be a number one choice in social security Fund.


Our Core Values
Customer Focused, Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation.

Welcome and thank you for visiting GEPF benefits section, this section provides guidance on different benefits offered by the Fund. It also provides you with information you need on how to apply for different benefits.

- Mr. Anselim K. Peter

Director of Operations

Retirement Benefit

This benefit is paid to a member whose employment ceases after contributing for at least 180 months or 15 years ....

Survivors Benefit

This benefit is paid when a member dies while in service. The surviving dependants of the member are paid....

Invalidity Benefit

This benefitis paid to a member who has been declared by the medical Board to be permanently invalid...

Withdrawal Benefit

This benefit is paid to a member who resigns or his service to the employer is terminated and decides to withdrawal....

Death gratuity

This gratuity is paid when a member dies while had contributed to the Fund for a period less than 180 months or....

Education grant

This grant is provided to a deceased member’s children who are left in school. The grant is planned to pay for children’s....

Funeral grant

The Fund pays funeral to the rightful beneficiary of the member when a member dies while in service. It is intendend to assist....